Bapco chief hailed for winning award

September 24, 2014 7:29 AM

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BAPCO chief executive Faisal Al Mahroos yesterday drew praise as he was named the Oil and Gas Man of the Year for 2011.

He was honoured in a ceremony at the Gulf Hotel's Gulf Convention Centre under the patronage of Energy Minister Dr Abdulhussain Mirza.

Bapco management and senior officials from the oil and gas industry attended the event.

The minister described in his speech Mr Al Mahroos as a "walking encyclopaedia" of the industry.

It features in-depth articles, analyses and resources to present a clear picture of the global oil and gas industry and its associated sectors, from banking and finance to transportation, refining and retail.

The Oil and Gas Year regional director Guillaume Doane said Dr Mirza was named Man of the Year last year in their Bahrain country report, while this year it was Mr Al Mahroos who made his mark.

"As Man of the Year, Al Mahroos was an instrumental figure in major achievements that took place in 2011. Among them was oil production in Bahrain reaching its highest levels in more than three decades," added Mr Doane.

The Oil and Gas Year country director, Declan Byrne said the Bapco chief executive guided the organisation through a critical growth period in the face of nationwide adversity.

"Despite the political upheavals, Bahrain's oil industry made significant progress in 2011," he said.

Mr Al Mahroos, who joined Bapco as a petroleum engineer in 1976, told the GDN that the achievement is for entire Bahrain.

"It reflects Bapco's achievement in deep knowledge, project execution and management of resources. Bapco has won many awards but this is the first time its executive management has got this international recognition," he said. "Bapco has undergone major changes to meet the new stringent environmental standards and laws for its operations, products and new value-addition projects," Mr Al Mahroos added in his speech.

He said the blueprint in expanding the refinery and diversified product line were "taking shape." The Bapco chief executive further praised the efforts of his staff in the industry to strive for excellence and said they would redouble their efforts as they move into 2012.


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