Greek parliament nods to austerity measures

July 16, 2015 8:58 AM

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The Greek parliament passed austerity measures demanded by Eurozone partners to start talks on a new multibillion-euro bailout package to help Greece escape default on its debts.

The vote followed tense debates in the parliament, as dozens of PMs from the ruling Syriza Party – to which belongs Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras – opposed the austerity measures.

Tsipras required the support of pro-European opposition parties to push the measure through, leaving a question over the future of his government.

The Eurozone leaders reached late Monday an accord following length talks, which allows starting talks with Greece over a third aid package worth between 82 and 86 billion euros over a three-year period, provided that Greece implements reform steps including a tax rise, pension cuts and liberalizing of labor market.


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