Hand tailoring traditional Libyan attire

July 24, 2015 3:29 PM

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Tripoli, Libya, July 23 (BNA): The craftsmanship of tailoring traditional Libyan attire has taken a backseat to modern clothing in this North African country as it has in numerous other societies where the old is treated as a nostalgic anachronism worthy of fleeting admiration.

Libyans tend to put on traditional Libyan dress mostly at gala events or social occasions, perhaps at weddings and religious observations, most prominently during the month of Ramadan. Many wear the traditional costume in recognition of what they perceive as the unique features of their society, according to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).

Once a flourishing industry, hand tailoring a traditional Libyan dress or costume has been relegated to that of a quaint vocation in the hands of an ever-diminishing number of a coterie of tailors.

In a smattering of interviews with KUNA, some of these Libyan tailors attributed the waning of interest by Libyans in their traditional dress to the lackadaisical attention the government accords this type of work.

Source: bna.bh

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