Jaffariya Endowments Chairman receives new members

July 26, 2015 10:57 AM

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Jaffariya Endowments Chairman receives new members

Manama, July 26 (BNA): The Jaffariya Endowments Board of Directors Chairman Shaikh Mohsen Al Asfoor received the newly-appointed members of the board of directors following the issuance of Royal Edict 32/2015.

Shaikh Mohsen Al Asfoor congratulated them on the royal trust vested in them, wishing them success in the performance of their duties and contributing their expertise and cooperating with their colleagues in the upcoming period.

He said the development and reform of endowments is a considerably significant task fraught with many challenges. The challenges can be addressed with sincere intentions, resolve and continuous efforts to achieve the ambitions of the leadership and the community aspirations, he said.

Source: bna.bh

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