Merck to retain gene-editing tech despite cancer claims

June 13, 2018 8:02 AM

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Merck to retain gene-editing tech despite cancer claims

Mubasher: Germany’s Merck KGaA said it is not planning to make any changes regarding Crispr technologies, following fears over their carcinogenic impact.

The announcement on late Tuesday came on the back of a sharp drop in the companies in the industry, after the publication of two studies in Nature Medicine in the previous day, which suggested that cells altered through the gene-alteration method would increase the risk of cancer.

Crispr technologies make precise changes to genes associated with particular diseases.

"We see the tremendous potential use of Crispr in both research and therapeutics applications," Merck’s executive board member and life-sciences division’ CEO Udit Batra said.

“Research supported by our tools will be required to understand mechanisms like those published in Nature Medicine," Batra added commenting on the medical journal’s publications.


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