SCIA denounces Iranian interference in Bahrain

July 25, 2015 2:33 PM

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SCIA denounces Iranian interference in Bahrain

Manama, July 25 (BNA): The Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (SCIA) strongly denounced the repeated blatant Iranian interference in Bahrain’s internal affairs in order to shake up the kingdom’s stability and fan tension without giving any consideration to religious and moral precepts or respect of the rights of a neighbouring Muslim country, diplomatic rules and international conventions.

The council pointed out that Iran’s hostile stances and implication, as revealed by the investigations, in smuggling explosive substances, weapons, ammunition and training in using them as well as the defamatory statements of the Iranian officials show clearly Iran’s sentiments towards its neighbouring Arab and Muslim countries.

The council condemned Iran’s policy to destabilise Bahrain and the Arabian Gulf region which shows clearly its role in undermining national and social security by exporting terrorism and continuously inciting hatred of the political system in Bahrain and sedition.

The Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs called on religious scholars, clerics and Imams to assume their responsibility in raising social awareness of what is being plotted against Bahrain and underscoring the importance of loyalty to the nation and leadership and preserving hard-won national gains and unity.


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