Zain Bahrain stock to be moved from IPO Market

May 24, 2015 9:02 AM

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Trading of Zain Bahrain stock (ZAINBH) will be suspended in the IPO market, starting from Thursday 4 June, after the completion of six months trading in this market, according to Bahrain Bourse (BHB) chairman’s Resolution no. (6) 2006 of adding the IPO market to Bahrain Bourse trading system.

The share of Zain Bahrain will be moved and commence trading in the main market on 4 June through the Regular Market and the Special Order Market, noted a statement issued by BHB.

Thus, the rule of minimum value of BHD 1,500 will be applied for each transaction in the regular market for the purpose of calculating the closing price and other price data.

The closing price of ZAINBH share on Wednesday 3 June will be considered for calculating the daily min-max price fluctuations in the regular market for the next trading day.

In the meantime, ZAINBH shares will be included within Bahrain’s all-share index Services Sector.


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